Fully Automatic Spot Welding

At Classic Edge Body Works, we use the latest and most current technology, for this reason, our repair centre is equipped with Fully Automatic Spot Welders. We use the TECHNA’s latest 3664P 14000AMP Fully Automatic Spot Welder from Italy with “SMART PLUS” technology, so your car continues to look and retain it’s safety as per the factory specifications. It’s sophisticated and upgradable software is designed to take the guess work out of entering parameters such as metal type, number of panels and panel thickness to perform the correct spot welds. At a push of a button, the machine automatically detects and measures the metal panels and applies the exact amount of welding current, welding time and clamping force to consistently produce FACTORY quality spot welds on steel, HSS, UHSS and Boron without any operator input.

Classic Edge Body Works is committed to restoring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition, retaining it’s original safety features and quality.